In Vietnam, there is almost 30% of kids are malnourished and stunted. As resulted, they are underdeveloped not only in terms of height and weight, but also in physical, mental, and brainy health. However, the first 2 years of development of kids is terribly essential and important to their whole development in the future. It is because all the parts of the body and brainpower will significantly develop during this time, in both size and function. Therefore, to ensure that the malnourished and stunted kids will develop healthily, they will need an adequate nutrition solution to fulfill their growing demands, and specific milk drink is playing the most important role.
- Breast milk is the best food for the health and optimal development of infants. Antibodies, particularly the ones in breast milk, help prevent infants from diarrhea , respiratory tract infection and several other infections. 
- Only use this product per doctor’s advice and follows the usage direction printed on the label. Prepare the milk and feed the babies with hygienic bottle and spoon.
- To better fulfill the needs of the users, GrowPLUS+ - effective nutrition solution for kids gaining weight healthily is now packed with a bigger size of 1.5 kilogram.  
Target users: malnourished and stunted kids from 1 year old upward
With Weight Pro + formula, GrowPLUS+ will provide kids with rich nutrition, full of protein and fat, for weight and height and gaining; MCT – a trans fast protein – for a fast digestion, and easy absorption; Lysine, Zinc, FOS/Isulin, B-vitamin to stimulate kids’ appetite; in addition, Selen, A, C, E-vitamins to protect kids from pathogenic elements. Besides, GrowPLUS+ also help improve brainpower by providing DHA, ARA, Taurine, Choline, therefore, kids will be more intelligent, alert, and able to gain standard height and weight, and all of their constitution and brainpower.
Weight Pro + formula:
- Easy digestion: Added with Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) – fast trans fat, which will be quickly absorbed to help kids grow well during their recovery period from undernourishment.
- Rich nutrition: Added with essential energy, protein, and fat compositions, which will help develop the structure and functions of the body, which is indispensable for malnourished and stunted kids.
- Physical protection: Added with Selen and A, C, E-vitamins, which is needed for physical development, GrowPLUS+ will enhance the physical protection for kids. 
- Appetite stimulation: Added with Lysin, Zinc, FOS/ Isulin, B-vitamin, GrowPLUS+ will support the digestion process to better observe the nutrition as well as stimulate the appetite.
- Develop the brainpower: Added with DHA, AA, Taurine, and Choline, GrowPLUS+ will help grow the brainpower better to help kids become more intelligent and alert.
The quality of GrowPLUS+ is endorsed by the Quality Management System ABS-QE from USA. Therefore, GrowPLUS+ does not contain any harmful growth stimulators. Especially, with Weight Pro + formula, which include 5 groups of essential nutrients, GrowPLUS+ will help kids overcome the undernourishment, and grow in both constitution and brainpower comprehensively.
Powder formula:
- Carton box: 400 gram
- Tin: 400 gram, 900 gram, and 1.5 kilograms
Ready to feed formula:
- Paper box: 110 ml and 180 ml

- Powder formula: Well mix 4 level scoop of GrowPLUS+ milk powder (approx. with 38 gram) with 180 ml of warm fresh water (approx. at 50 Celsius degree) for one feeding bottle.
- Ready to feed formula: Do not add any water. Well shake the formula container before opening. Better served cold.
- Powder formula:
o 400 gram carton box: Close the pouch tightly after using. Keep and store in cool and dry place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Do not store in refrigerator. Consume before expiry date and within one month after opening.
o 400 gram, 900 gram and 1.5 kg tin: Keep tin covered after using and store in cool and dry place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Do not store in refrigerator. Consume before expiry date and within one month after opening.
- Ready to feed formula:
o Shake well before use. Better served cold.