In Vietnam, there is almost 30% of kids are malnourished and stunted. As resulted, they are underdeveloped not only in terms of height and weight, but also in physical, mental, and brainpower health.

- Breast milk is the best food for health and optimal development of infants. Antibodies, particularly the ones in breast milk, help prevent infants from diarrhea, respiratory tract infection and several other infections.
- Only use this product per doctor’s advice and follows the usage direction printed on the label. Prepare the milk and feed the babies with hygienic bottle and spoon.

For malnourished and stunted kids from 0 to 12 months old.

- GrowPLUS+ - EFFECTIVE NUTRITION SOLUTION FOR MALNOURISHED AND STUNTED KIDS FROM 0 TO 12 MONTHS OLD is a break-through innovation of NutiFood nutritionists for stunted and malnourished Vietnamese kids. With innovative formula Weight Pro+, which is rich of Energy, Protein, Tran-Fast Fat MCT, Zinc, Lysine, B-Group Vitamin, Nucleotides, Selenium, Vitamin A, E, C, Choline, Taurine, Calcium, Phosphorus, will help improve the immune system, strengthen the tooth and bone system, raise the height, stimulate the appetite, develop the brainpower and eyesight of kids. Specially, GrowPLUS+ provides kids with DHA and AA in the amount satisfying the recommendation of WHO/ FAO International organizations, which is necessary for kids to perfect their nerve cells and eye retina, as well as, GrowPLUS+ with appropriate rates of Whey: Casein and Lactose is easy to be digested and adsorbed, very good for prematurely born, low weight, stunted and malnourished kids.
- Specially, GrowPLUS+ is coordinated developed by NutiFood nutritionists and Kerry Corporation, Europe, featuring specialized formula Weight Pro+, which qualifies many global nutrition standards, satisfies maximum all the special nutrition requirements of kids in the stunted and malnourished period under 1 year old, and especially suitable with Vietnamese kid’s constitution.
- Kerry Corporation is established in 1972. It has many big breaks through innovations in the field of nutrition technology, appetite, nutrilite construction component in the global foods industry. Kerry is also a leading corporation in the consumer foods category, is trusted and chosen by the Europe market’s users.

- Wash hands with soap before preparation
- Clean the mixing tool and boil them in 5 minutes
- Boil the drinking water for 5 minutes. Then let it cool until like-warm (approx. 500 C)
- Mix as guided on the label and use the measuring scoop provided with tin
- Stir or well shake until completely dissolve
- Drip some drops on the wrist to check the degree of heat. If the heat is at right degree, feed to kids
Standard mixing method: mix 1 level scoop (approx. 4.9 gram) with 30 ml of warm-boiled water
For prematurely born and low weight kids: depends on the weight and condition of kids, mix accordingly to doctor’s advise
Caution: Discard any unfinished drink. Milk drink should be prepared just prior to feeding. If not, refrigerate (from 4 to 6 Celsius degree) prepared milk drink and use within 24 hours.
Storage instruction: Keep tin covered after using and store in cool and dry place, avoids direct exposure to sunlight. Do not store in refrigerator. Consume before expiry date and within one month after opening.